Why Tour with Us?

We’re amazing. Honestly, we’re not joking. Great tours and fantastic service. That’s what everyone says! Checkout our Tripadvisor reviews and the reviews on our website.

Natalie Manifold, the company owner, is also a trained Blue Badge Tourist Guide so a quality experience is guaranteed.


We offer a pick up service when required. We can offer you a tour directly out of the port you come into or any of the towns or villages mentioned on our website.
We are also happy to pick you up from other areas (London, Southampton etc) for a reasonable surcharge. Email us for a quote.


You can put all those navigational aids away. Ditch Google maps and save your cell phone data! Let our guides show you around! No getting lost!
Everyone can enjoy their time in their holiday destination without worrying about missing their ship or getting lost on tour.


As well as our amazing public tours, we offer a fantastic range of private walks and tours. This means you can do exactly what you want to, when you want to.


You decide where we go, when we go, and how long we stay.
Choose one of our set itineraries or set up your own at our Build Your Own Tour page by dropping us a line to find out more.
This means you have complete control over your day.


Our guides are amazing. Having gained much experience organizing and training guides for the cruise industry, you can be sure the guide we supply is top notch.
No folding maps, circling endlessly in parking lots or getting in an accident at one of those tricky 'roundabouts'. Client after client has raved that they could never do what we do by themselves. We’ll also give you super insider knowledge about cool places to hang out, stunning views and the best bars, pubs and restaurants in town.


All our walks, tours and excursions are highly interactive. We hire local people from each of our destinations to guide you around, making sure you have the most fun and experience life as the locals do.


You won’t pay unforeseen costs. We tell you exactly what is and is not included right on our tours product pages.


Your safety is our main priority. We take this very seriously and we will only ever operate a tour that we believe is suitable. This also relies on participants in the tour providing us with any details that may affect their ability to complete the tour.


We carry insurance.