TERMS AND CONDITIONS LL Tours (www.literarylyme.co.uk)

By making this booking and using our website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. Please review the following terms carefully. If you do not agree to these terms, you should not use this site. The term "LL Tours" or "us", "we", or "our" "your guide" "the Guide" "Tour Guides" refers to literarylyme.co.uk; the owner of this site. The term "you", "customer(s)", "student(s)" refers to the users and viewers of this website.


Unless your booking is a Trade booking, full payment is required for all day excursions at the time of booking. A confirmation will be forwarded by email confirming the full amount paid, booking number and tour information.


Payment may be made to LL Tours by Debit or Credit Card through our secure booking system.


Please note that LL Tours or the guide are not responsible for loss or damage to luggage or personal belongings carried on the tour or their personal vehicle. It is the responsibility of all clients to ensure they have the necessary insurance to cover for personal loss.


You will be responsible for the conduct of yourself and all members of your party and you will indemnify us against any liability for damage caused by you or any members of your party. We reserve the right to terminate the tour in the event of behaviour deemed to be unreasonable by our staff.


Tour prices include what is stated on the individual product page.


We request passengers be at their departure point 10 minutes prior to the published departure time. Passengers who have a confirmed Hotel, Guesthouse or Hostel pick up must be ready at the main door of their accommodation for the arrival of their coach. Failure to be there may result in the driver departing without you. This will result in a No Show.

Please note if you are late in arriving at your departure point and as a consequence miss your tour you will not be entitled to a refund.

- Cruise Ships Passengers
If you are arriving on a cruise ship, the tour will start when you ship arrives. We understand cruise ships have different times of arrival and your guide will the there to meet you. LL Tours allows you time to disembark.

If you are going to be late for any reason, you must contact LL Tours as soon as possible. (+44) 07763974569 Email: tours@literarylyme.co.uk


LL Tours will do everything reasonably possible to provide your tour itinerary as planned.

LL Tours reserves the right to alter tour itineraries due to weather, availability of attractions or other circumstances. The Guide reserves the right to change the size and type of vehicle operating on our tours.


Refunds can take 5 -10 days to appear on your statement. LL Tours does operate a minimum numbers policy of 2. In the event this is not reached, LL Tours reserve the right to cancel the tour at any time. In the unlikely event we have to cancel a tour due to circumstances out of our control, a full refund will be given.


In the event a customer cancels a day tour, a standard charge of 15% will be made to cover administration costs.

1. Cancellation more than 30 days prior to tour departure – full refund less administration charge.

2. Cancellations less than 7 days prior to tour departure – refunds will not be given.

3. Cruise ship not arriving, failing to dock, missing port for any reason – full refund less administration charge.


LL Tours reserves the right to take photographs during the operation of any program or part thereof and to use them for promotional purposes. By booking a reservation with LL Tours, you agree to allow your images to be used in such photographs. Anyone who prefers that their images not be used publically must identify themselves to their tour leader at the beginning of your tour.


LL Tours is not responsible for delays, changes, or cancellation costs due to incorrect, incomplete or expired traveler documents. In the event that you must cancel, delay or reschedule your tour due to expired or missing travel documentation, you are responsible for all associated costs to rectify the situation. If you are unable to join your tour, you will not be reimbursed or refunded any amounts as per the cancellation terms listed in this document.

At no point, and under no circumstances, is LL Tours responsible for payments or costs relating to external services such as flights, accommodations, car service, or any other part of travel that was booked and paid for externally to LL Tours. LL Tours is not obligated to alter any tour itinerary or suspend a tour’s commencement for any reason which prevents you from joining a tour as planned. LL Tours reserves the right to make alterations to our tours, itineraries, inclusions, and activities at any time. By booking with LL Tours you are agreeing to pay for guide services only or entrance fees, according to the product description. As a form of good will the guide may use his or her vehicle to transport you or a form of transport of their choice. This transportation cost is free. You agree to use this transport at your own risk. LL Tours or the guide will not be liable for any injuries/accidents which occur whilst you are with your guide, or in transit with your guide or within the guides choice of transport.


You are responsible for purchasing the style of tour that fits your desired comfort level and participating in activities that are suitable for your fitness level and capabilities. By making a booking, you acknowledge that LL Tours are adventurous by nature and may involve a significant amount of personal risk. You also acknowledge that neither you nor anyone travelling with you has any physical, mental, or other conditions or disabilities that would create a hazard to yourself or your group members. LL Tours reserves the right to decline anyone from joining a trip with justifiable cause. You understand that the Tour Guides presented on the Site are independent contractors and that the Tour Guides are not employees or agents of LL Tours. You hereby understand and expressly agree that LL Tours does not control the quality, timing, legality or any other aspect whatsoever of the services actually delivered by the Tour Guides, nor of the integrity, responsibility or any of the actions whatsoever of the Tour Guides. LL Tours uses its best efforts to monitor Tour Guides, service offerings, actions and comments, and suspend privileges to any Tour Guide not adhering to policies of LL Tours. LL Tours also reserves the right to remove you from a trip if you are creating a hazard to yourself or others, impacting the enjoyment of others, or participating in any illegal activity. Any costs resulting from being removed from a tour or being declined participation in a tour is at your expense. No smoking is permitted on the minibus. No alcoholic or hot drinks are permitted to be consumed on the minibus. No drug or solvent abuse is permitted on the minibus. Any passenger in breach of these conditions may be asked to leave the tour with LL Tours not being liable for any consequences. Passengers will be liable for any wilful damage caused to vehicles and/or property owned by LL Tours or guide. Passengers are responsible for bringing any medication they may need.

LL Tours will not be liable for any injuries/accidents which occur whilst you are with your guide, or in transit with your guide or within the guides choice of transport.


Where we cancel the whole tour before departure because of unusual or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, then we will refund all money already paid by you (minus our stated admin fee) but you will not be entitled to any compensation for the loss of the tour. Where the tour is interrupted to a significant extent by circumstances beyond our control we will refund what is deemed to be a fair proportion of the cost of the tour.

Unless expressly stated otherwise in these terms and conditions, we will not have any liability to you if we are prevented from fulfilling our contractual obligations to you as a result of any event which is outwith our control (and/or outwith the control of the supplier or provider of the service in question). Such events may include (but are not limited to) war or threat of war; terrorist activity or the threat of terrorist activity; civil commotion or riot; any action taken by a governmental or public authority; industrial disputes; collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident; traffic or road conditions or road closures; technical or mechanical breakdown; adverse weather conditions; natural disasters and all similar events or circumstances. Return times for tours are approximate and can depend on traffic conditions, bad weather and other circumstances beyond our control. LL Tours cannot be held liable for any delays or inconveniences resulting from a late return.


Whilst LL Tours maintains insurance meeting all statutory requirements, we strongly recommend that passengers hold comprehensive and suitable travel, medical and cancellation insurance to cover their period of travel.