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Managing excursions for cruise ships docking in the southern region of Wales & England.

We liaise with cruise ship personnel, passengers, coach drivers, tour guides, destination managers, port security & others, ensuring everyone is where they should be at exactly the right time. The key with this role is really planning.
All information is collated on a spreadsheet and we work solely from that on the day the cruise ship arrives alongside.

This role involves adhering to very strict security protocol.

The official description of our service is as follows:

• Preparing tour information guide packs in advance of the port call.
• Ensure safe operation of supplier services on the quayside.
• Preparing (numbering, seat reservations etc.) and marshalling coaches on the quayside.
• Greet and issue information packs to tour guides and respond to any queries they may have.
• Issue maps if required.
• Ensure all services are prepared and ready for passengers.
• Greet the team from the ship and liaise with them throughout the day.
• Assist the on-board shore excursion team as much as possible.
• Oversee and assist with the dispatch of passengers on tour.
• Ensure that ticket numbers and passenger numbers correspond for each coach or group and take careful note of details.
• Resolve any problems that may arise for the duration of the tour programme and ensure any incidents are recorded in compliance with the Safety Management System policy.
• Greeting coaches/passengers on their return from tour and collecting all necessary equipment or documentation.
• Agree and sign the tour voucher with the Tour Manager or representative from on-board the ship.
• Go on-board ship if required/permitted and nurture the good relationship between subcontractor and the client.
• Take Ship Manager for site visit if required.
• If necessary work as part of a team.
• Adhere to the health and safety requirements of the port.

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